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Someone who is generally annoying the hell out of you. Killing your buzz. talking during the show etc.
Dave: "we gotta get away from these buzzards"
Taul: "shitya"
by Taul January 29, 2005
A user of Google Buzz. Such a user is a buzzard because they're circling waiting for the demise of other social networking.
All the buzzards are waiting around for facebook to die so they can eat its eyeballs.
by your_mom123 February 10, 2010
A lady of ample proportions who likes to carry out predatory fetishes on willing victims
Look at Buzzard over there, she's squatting over Dowser ready to tak a dump on his chest and then slash it off, I hope the table can take their sick game
by davethejag October 01, 2009
A streetwalker that is almost always intoxicated while gaining teenagers respect by their willingess to purchase them alcohol.
Known buzzards are: frying pan man, Artie and whitey.
We need beer tonight, lets go cruise Union Ave to look for buzzards.
by Genius GZA September 15, 2007
long haired drunk still living in the 80's, wears tight acid washed jeans and drives a red Z-28
by lola August 24, 2003
a big fat rashy skank that hangs out at closing time around filthy cowboy bars, lookin' for some sodomy.
I drove by Crazy Horse last night and there were 4 or 5 buzzards hanging out front.
by mike methane November 21, 2002
A broke down bitch that ain't got a dime to they name.
This chick dominique makinzie ain't shit but a barbie doll buzzard.
by The dudda man May 09, 2005