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buhz-erd n. originates in Elgin, IL.

a contemptible white trash plastic Graphix bong smoker. Duplex or trailer dweller. A person with feathered hair, tight stone washed jeans with oil stained white T's. Some still carry combs in their back pockets and most are known to indulge in Marlboro Reds.

Can be seen with a buddy leaning over muscle car engines with a 30 pack of Old Style either after work as the sun goes down or on sweltering weekend afternoons.

Do not attempt to battle a buzzard because there is always another one lurking behind a dumpster waiting for a cheap shot. Buzzards are known to carry knives, chains and/or brass-knuckles.

Lack of teeth is fairly common in a buzzard due to meth-amphetamine use or due to perpetual knuckle-sandwiches.

The only thing more dangerous than a buzzard is the pregnant wife of a buzzard. When a woman is of buzzard her behavior is unpredictable and erratic.

The only things that can be used to calm a buzzard are: low-grade marijuana, Penthouse backorders from the 80's, Boones Farm wine and the lulling tunes of Sammy Hagar.

"That buzzard stole my carburetor."

"That buzzard suckerpunched me outside Danny's pizza."

"You're turning into a fucking chainsmoking buzzard!"

"You're moving to South Elgin? Are you trying to get in tune with buzzard culture?"
by Scott R. Heimberg September 29, 2006
A person who hangs out and smokes all your weed
Hey go get your own weed you dame buzzard
by mymeatflute January 01, 2009
Referring to a hopeless situation. Such as when a buzzard appears when something is dying.
"We are behind by 25 points in the fourth quarter...This game is buzzards"
by Big Kev thanks to CM December 01, 2009
the essential noun (plural) in the cliche "The buzzards are circling." meaning

a. One's death is anticipated to be near with the expectation of the inheritance of money, property, etc.

b. One is expected to suffer some near future misfortune to the advantage of one or more others.
Tom: Our uncle is dying of cancer and he has us in his will. Our two younger brothers seems to be visiting him in the hospital a lot these days.
Joe: Yes, I can surely say the buzzards are circling.
by Jon64Bailey March 16, 2013
Any object, visual, sensual or stimulating of any other sense that holds the characteristics appertaining of Buzzardace.
A disgusting object or situation.
Buzzard Things-
Bad Smells.
Some people.
Illuminous Orange.
Text Speak.

Buzzard Situations-

Professor Heinrich- And the thing that perplexed me the most about the intriuge of the deciduous deux ex machina was the exquisite irony of a dodecahedronal mammal surmounted off its homo-sapien cousin of submission and shameful ridicule by its society's peers.
Rick the stoner- ...Yeah, I know, it's buzzard.


Kelly- I wouldn't drink out of that glass, my brother just farted in it.
Jenny- Buzzard!
by uwanttruthitellz May 09, 2009
In the rural midwest (Oklahoma, Texas, etc.): a dignified, countrified, vulgar man ranging from middle to old age. Usually sporting a dark tan from years of construction, plumbing, painting, or roofing work in the sun. Buzzards can be identified as wearing Levi's snap button shirts with a soft pack of Doral lights in the front pocket, old Wrangler jeans hanging past their crack with a snuff can ring on the back pocket, paint spattered, dusty work boots, and any assortment of old baseball caps. They listen to '70s country music (Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson. Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr., David Allan Coe) and frequent pool halls and state fairs. Some buzzards overlap into the biker subculture, wearing long ZZ Top beards, black leathers, and sporting tattoos. They are tough on the outside, but generally teddy bears when you get to know them.

They are separated from the redneck subculture in that they have a dignity about them - a stoic pride from years of work and hard living. Some buzzards have a romantic disposition about the world around them and are more good timin' men that belligerent white trash.

Buzzards can be defined perfectly by this line from a Waylon Jennings song:
"Those that don't know him won't like him and those that do sometimes won't know how to take him."
"Let's go get a beer in that buzzard bar over there. Those buzzards are burly and hilarious."
by Oz Davidson September 04, 2006
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