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To be in extreme agreement
Taul: this party is raging
Bender: shitya!
by Taul January 28, 2005
Someone who is generally annoying the hell out of you. Killing your buzz. talking during the show etc.
Dave: "we gotta get away from these buzzards"
Taul: "shitya"
by Taul January 29, 2005
1. The opposite of groove

2. noun to describe a person who is particularly lame or annoying and generally sucking

Jill: dyou have fun?
Timmy: shitya the show was pimpin except for this one evoorg in the front row

3. bad vibes shooting out of people

eg. Jon noticed some evoorgs as the teacher tried to explain the theory of relativity.
Taul: holy fuck evoorg city!
Packer: let's bounce
by Taul January 28, 2005
usually describes phans, but generally works for any jamband freak. more specifically a non wookie non frat boy rager.
Mad Carey: "there were so many mad kids at the particle show"
BTab: "nice"
by Taul January 29, 2005
Like a puresy a puresville is an all weed joint
Werd: "puresville?"
Taul: "buya"
by Taul January 29, 2005
a joint with only weed up in it. A puresy as opposed to a euro (with tobacco) a salad (with hash)...
werd: "heh paully I'm rollin a puresy"
taul: "roight on"
by Taul January 29, 2005
Short for lacota the native american topical cream. legend has it if you eat it you'll get high
Taul:"so i was lying in the gutter and this guy throws a nickle at me and it hits me in the head... I'm like shit you fuck I'm not some kind of bum I'm just taking a nap. and it was kevin coster and he's like "sorry friend... here I have some Lacota" so I takes it from him and eat some and he's like "oh no no It's a cream... rub it on the sore..." and he goes on about how he discovered it while working on dances with wolf or some shit but he's really boring so i tuned him out... anyways the cream did nothin. but man did i get HIGH... nothin like the kotes
by Taul January 29, 2005
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