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usually intoxicated, slurring, and often confused for a moron. Often recieves fellatio in high traffic area's.
look at that buzzard get head in Telley's chair.
by mark November 01, 2003
Someone who is nearly never sober and has crossed the line into a life of total fantasy and drunken illusions.

Defintion 2: A catcher of buzzes of all kinds
Damn, that guy's a fuckin' buzzard! Did you see that buzz he caught?
A person who’s posture resembles that of a buzzard, often accompanied by scruffy hair.
mike strenkowski aka the buzz
by KKC August 26, 2004
Someone's last name, I prank called the person and said "Hey, Buzzard, CAW! CAW! (bird noises)" and then hung up.
I think I'm gonna prank call Buzzard and ask for Hardcore Jerry!
by Tardy McTard July 26, 2004
Slang term for marijuana.

Plur. buzzard
Sing. buzz
Hey, sarp, got some buzzard?
by MechanicalTimi & Valentine June 22, 2005
a cool brat
macy jae smith
by jessica walker June 25, 2004