Cool, chill, good, see dank
Man i ditched P.E. it was so buttery.
by marshial September 17, 2006
a male who is a fail at life.
Buttery fails!
by spaz and kegan October 11, 2010
A nigga that lurks.
Person A: What the fuck is that guy doing over there?!

Person B: Damn, I don't know. That's one buttery ass nigga!
by whytheeffigottaputaname? April 18, 2009
The layer of sloppy bodyfat that accumulates when a person is 15-20 lbs. over weight, especially around the midsection.
"Dude, Josh better put his shirt back on, he's looking all buttery and shit since he stopped working out and started drinking again".
by Johnny Ski May 18, 2007
You just have been defeated in a manner that you will be ashamed of for the rest of your life.
Origin: A nineteen eighties pornographic scene where a stick of butter went up the wrong end.
"You got beaten buttery!" or just "buttery!!!"
by spacerock45 April 22, 2006
1.something that is extremely hot and sexy
2.Tasteful and attractive
Sha nae nae: Sha kiki did you see him
Sha kiki: He is so fine, i can't take my eyes off him
Sha nae nae: he's buttery....
by Meshalove December 28, 2008
when a girl looks over pretty and sexy.
Yo shorty over there is buttery! Go get that nigga!
by JaypoDaRealestDon April 19, 2003

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