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When you eat spicy food, then when pooping it out later/diarrhea and it hurts your butt.
Matt was Butt Hurt after he ate he ate jalapeño peppers.
by Butt Hurt July 06, 2014
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To bitch an moan. Complain of ones sickness or injury.
My finger hurts from sticking it up my anus freshman year!

This is being butthurt
by exavior Nunez June 23, 2014
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A painful condition stemming from anal sex.
Guys who use the phrase "butt-hurt" online are not only gay, but would not have the common courtesy to give a reach-around.
by j00ann0ym3 March 09, 2014
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A person who gets seriously mad because he had to go buy a lighter and blocks girls on all social media.
David was butthurt that Vanessa didn't like him
by gemstonegalore July 09, 2014
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Butthurt: (But-hert) Noun. Getting your arse served to you along with the trimmings after dying to gankers, resulting in a bitch-fest on a social media website and disregarding the fact that the game laughs and mocks anything fair.
Example of Butthurt: "This totally #%*+ing stupid. Those f#**$?s can't take me one on one. I wonder what everyone else that plays this game thinks of this unfair injustice"
by RapeTrainHazNoBrakes February 08, 2014
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Typically a person that whines and bitches about almost everything. A butt hurt person will never admit they are butt hurt and they are usually named Tom.
Person 1: hey what happened last night?
Person 2: sorry it's a secret.

Person 1: I took one for the team you better tell me or I'll blackmail you.

Person 2: you're so butt hurt
Person 1: no that's not what butt hurt is.
by NippleMcGee November 11, 2013
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When someones gets upset over an action carried out by a person or words another person said.

Sometimes mistakenly used for the feeling that you have after getting butt raped(not correct)
Girl: "Don't get so butt hurt about it Mrs. French."

Mrs. French: " I know that means like after you get butt raped."

Girl: " You really shouldn't have said that, you sound dumb."
by *6809* January 27, 2011
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