the art of burninating. See "burninate" and/or "burninating"
Trogdor achieved burnination when he squashed ten peasants
by gercke April 10, 2003
The resultant state of being following a TROGDOR! visit to Haiti.
Kolan guete maman ou TROGDOR aux les BURNINHAITIENNE!
by R0wp3R March 22, 2003
To inflict destruction upon something/someone, especially by burning
them/it. Burnination can be caused by a Trogdor's wrath, a few too many firebombs, or an overexcited Fire-type Pokemon (especially one that knows Fire Blast or Flamethrower).
...and so, FiFi the rogue Flareon laid burnination upon the desktop of Ima Jerkoff. For want of thirty minutes to do his homework upstairs, Jerkoff lost his actual homework assigment-a ten page essay on Isaac Asimov-and the respect of poor forgotten FiFi, who simply needed to empty her bladder.
by Shawn B. June 14, 2003
To smoke completely.
Bob burninated everything in the pipe.
by Sat May 07, 2004
1. the process of burninating something or someone
'...and all was laid to burnination.'
by Greg July 19, 2003

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