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Jackass oompa-loompa that sk8boards.
Teenage Girl: LOOK! IT'S WEE MAN!
by Gamex July 19, 2003
Food poisoning obtained from Pan-Asian Cuisine.
THE UGLY ONE: OW! My stomach lining!
by Gamex July 07, 2003
An action of spewing flames after having squished ten peasants, as performed by wordTrogdorword the Burninator.
And Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to BURNINATION.
by Gamex June 28, 2003
A 6-inch electronic toy, monster to some, nuisance to most. Mostly purchased with the intention of dismantling or smashing into bits.
My Furby got all jammed up, and made this nasty burning smell, so I threw it in the trash compactor.
by Gamex July 07, 2003
Homer Simpson saying "alcohol"
Mmmmmmmm, Alchamahol....
by Gamex July 08, 2003
"Aw man! This is the worst game i've ever played!!
by Gamex August 04, 2003

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