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A Term used for a Shopping cart. Commonly used by people in the Pittsburg area.
The other night we threw a buggie off the KMart Roof.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
a nick name for the volkswagon bug
i love the color of that buggie
by bikiniwaxxx July 30, 2008
A sweet, caring, amazing, person that rarely holds a grudge!!! With a kick ass nick name (Buggie)
I love Buggie she's such an amazing person
by Megan H. April 24, 2005
adj. - Something that is annoying, obnoxious, frustrating, or irritating to an alarming degree; most effectively used simply as an exclamation.

the proper spelling of "Buggy"
- "Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray."

- "Buggie!"
by Wesley Mantooth October 19, 2010