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That thing above your head as you sleep that protects you from the weather and flying monkeys. Not to be pronounced "Ruff" because only someone from the south with low levels of education would say something that asinine.
"Hey go up on the ruff", "What the fuck is a ruff you ignorant yankee?".

"I hear Santa on the roof" , "No Santa does not love you".
by Logan Scheibli February 13, 2009
1)A hat for a house
2)A lid for a house
'my house is nice and warm now that it has a new roof'
by loz_g December 21, 2005
The action where an object is thrown onto a roof of a building
Hahaha! Did you see us roof that dude's pencil case?
by freakdood September 01, 2005
Suggesting someone or something is crazy or out of sorts; not normal; unusual
C-dizzle: " I finished all of the Bio homework for this semester last night."
K-dizzle : " Bruh that's crazy! Are you roof or Nah?

Pudge: " I checked out that abandoned building yesterday"
Cogsworth: "Was it roof over there"
Pudge: "Yeah, something was unusual about that place"
by DomeMaster4444 March 07, 2016
A simple expression used by Epsilons (derived from a portion of the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley). This term comes from an Epsilon Semi-Moron elevator worker, who when asked to move the elevator to a different floor, simply replied "roof?". This phrase is most commonly used in question form but can be used to respond to any question or statement.
Where the hell do you think you're going?

Ok everyone, class started three minutes ago so get in your seats. Lexi and Charlie, that means you too.
by charliecharliecharliechar June 21, 2011
A Roof is a fat white girl that is dating a black guy who does not like her but is only with her so he has a place to stay.
Hey, what are you doing with that big hog? Aw man, she is just a roof.
by kapoc August 18, 2014
to take a good joke too far, to the point of it not being funny anymore
(following a clever anecdote)
Dude 1: "So there!"
Dude 2: "Oh man, you had me in stitches, but you totally just roofed it."
by joanna_grace October 18, 2006
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