"The Bucket" in California Prisons refers to Administrative Segregation, AKA "The Hole."

The term bucket is used because these are total lock-down cells and in the old days used to have a bucket for a toilet.
Steve and John just beat the shit out each other, they are gonna end up in the bucket tonight for sure!
by Bobby Now June 03, 2007
A vagina that is droopy, sagging, and generally too large to be visually pleasing. Often times, you will not know that a woman has a bucket until intercourse is about to occur.
T.J. was about to get up in Dani, but when he found that she had a bucket, he quickly zipped up his pants and left.
by Deeeeeez March 28, 2006
Usually refers, nowadays, to loose women. Commonly, people will nickname a woman a "bucket", if she sleeps around, or has a reputation as a slut, or a chicken head.
"Ew, Christy? Hell no, I won't touch her...she's a bucket, for sure..."
by Menticide May 10, 2005
completely awesome; very cool
That bacon cheesebuger was buckets.
by Gibson Kid September 28, 2009
An adjective dscribing something EXTREMELY bad.
Sean can't pick up chicks becasue his pimp-game is totally bucket.
by CooperStar January 22, 2009
to kick the bucket - die
My grandmother kicked the bucket a couple of years ago. She was 101.
by GhostDog March 08, 2005
Slang for a gravity bong
Yo, lets do buckets.
by unarmed_n00b April 06, 2004

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