A high school legend. given the nickname for his poor athletic ability, this kid is well known throughout the city of Santa Fe as a kid that can drink ridiculus amounts of alcohol. He is the greatest mother f***er on the face of the earth.
hey that kid just drank twelve beers and he can't jump for shit. That must be bucket. Look how cool he is.
by the city of santa fe October 07, 2006
A vagina that is droopy, sagging, and generally too large to be visually pleasing. Often times, you will not know that a woman has a bucket until intercourse is about to occur.
T.J. was about to get up in Dani, but when he found that she had a bucket, he quickly zipped up his pants and left.
by Deeeeeez March 28, 2006
Usually refers, nowadays, to loose women. Commonly, people will nickname a woman a "bucket", if she sleeps around, or has a reputation as a slut, or a chicken head.
"Ew, Christy? Hell no, I won't touch her...she's a bucket, for sure..."
by Menticide May 10, 2005
completely awesome; very cool
That bacon cheesebuger was buckets.
by Gibson Kid September 28, 2009
An adjective dscribing something EXTREMELY bad.
Sean can't pick up chicks becasue his pimp-game is totally bucket.
by CooperStar January 22, 2009
to kick the bucket - die
My grandmother kicked the bucket a couple of years ago. She was 101.
by GhostDog March 08, 2005
Slang for a gravity bong
Yo, lets do buckets.
by unarmed_n00b April 06, 2004

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