an old, ugly, dirty, car and the guy who drives it.
"you mean mike and his little honda? he's a bucket!"
by litwiinka December 28, 2007
1) something that sucks
2) weak (ie. shit's weak)
"No room service, nasty sheets, and no cable TV? This hotel is bucket"
by THunter December 02, 2007
a bucket is a nasty ass bitch often knonw as a bucket or a smutt bucket u digg yeah shes a hoes and does slutty ass things
shutup. cuz ya girl iz a bucket she just got gang banged ask about her.
by shaquetta March 27, 2007
A high school legend. given the nickname for his poor athletic ability, this kid is well known throughout the city of Santa Fe as a kid that can drink ridiculus amounts of alcohol. He is the greatest mother f***er on the face of the earth.
hey that kid just drank twelve beers and he can't jump for shit. That must be bucket. Look how cool he is.
by the city of santa fe October 07, 2006
The amount of points scored in a basketball game
Yo man, we didn't win by one point, we won by mad buckets. I ain't even lyin'.
by bball85 March 02, 2005
A 21 piece bucket of K.F.C original recipe also know as a "Chicken Feed", often used by bogans in the little known town of Punchbowl Victoria, Austrailia
Lets go get a fucken bucket im starvin.

Fucken hummer and a chicken feed.
by Thepoweranga April 09, 2009
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