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Brucing (to Bruce or to be Bruced) involves the grasping of the base of one's penis as a means of forcing and trapping all of the locally available blood in the stalk and or shaft of the Brucer's penis. This gives the penis a large and very intimidating purple-red appearance which is frightening to other penises and can be used to assert dominance amongst a group of other penises. Brucing can also be used as a method to court potential mates or to impress your friends. While Brucing is traditionally done via use of the Brucer's hand, there are methods using such devices as ropes, cock rings, bagels, or string as a means of creating a hands-free "Auto-Bruce" which provides the Brucer with two free hands in which to point at or use other means of drawing attention to their Bruce.
"He Bruced so hard that he burst a blood vessel"
"After originally denying him, Jessica gave Jon a second go after being exposed to his awe-inspiring Bruce"
"A girl can never resist a good Brucing"
#cock ring #erection #penis #dominance #hard on #impressed #winning #brucin
by Nasca Dopant October 17, 2011
The act of a man wearing female attire, in other words cross-dressing. Can be used when your friends are holding their girlfriends purse, sweater, or other embarrassing objects.
Damn, Mike was Brucing it the other day holding that girls purse like that...
#she male #tranny #drag queen #trans #transsexual #queen #emo
by Hellriding April 25, 2015
An advanced form of creeping.
Guy1: Hey I was just watching you talk to your friend and-

Guy2: Hey don't be Brucing!

Girl: Yeah that's beyond creep.
#creep #creeping #lurking #stalking #lurker
by MrPancakes December 12, 2011
When people lie on facebook, twitter or any social network.

falsifying your job, income or things you have done. Post pics of people they've had sex with, but haven't.
Dude is always brucing, he doesn't get any chics.

A person's facebook status says they are at a club, but they are really in the house means they are brucing.
#brucin' #brucing #lying #internet lying syndrome #liar
by reece215 July 03, 2011
The act of "brucing" (to bruce). To hit on, come on to, use cheesy lines to get your end away.
Guy 1: Where's Andy?
Guy 2: Over there trying to bruce that chick.

Gal 1: Hey Laura. Stop brucing that guy you're married.
#bruce #brucing #bruced #chatting up #chat #broose #hit on
by Bananashark August 16, 2010
The act of forcibly inserting your fist into a woman's vaginal cavity,in such a manner to draw excitement from said woman.
Give her the BRUUUUUUUCE!"I was brucing a girl last night
#fisting #fingerblasting #fingering #jawlsey #fistfuck
by DrJacobie September 21, 2008
The act of (Telling, TattleTaling, Snitching, ratting, ect....) on another person; giving up information or infroming about another person's misconduct in order to reduce one's own consequences.
Brucing, Bruced, or Bruce also acceptable forms of the word.
My cousin and I were out car popping when the police showed up i ran and got away, but my cousin was caught. after being arrested my cousin began "Brucing" on me to get him self out of trouble and the cops came to my fuckin house.
#bruce #brucing #bruced #snitching #telling #tattletaling #ratting #snitch #rat #homo #informant
by PissedOFfCousin August 23, 2010
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