Bruce is a great friend of Willy The Robber. He loves imparting wisdom to others at great length and is an enthusiastic leader. Mervyn Singer is his ultimate idol. One of his many passions is cycling to and from work...and AORTIC
Bruce would cycle to and from Fort Knox to rescue his kidnapped wombat...

Where's the money? Where's Willy going? What does Willy want to know?
by sweet as chocolate June 17, 2011
A big old poop. Another word for the stools you drop in the toilet every freakin' day.
Just gonna go see Bruce in the bathroom.
by BigBruce2PC May 05, 2011
A large pussy man, like bigfoot, bruce ( the big pussy man) roams the woods, all hairy and such in search of a good lay. He's not sure where he is going with his life but he has a yeast infection.
Also can be an acronym for Bitch Really Understands Cock Essentials
Look at that mo fucking bruce.
by notsoslimshady64 May 25, 2014
Your turn!

Person who cannot keep their pants on.

Person who strips in girls beds.

Person who gets confused between legs.
Girl: What are you doing in my bed?

Bruce: (pulls blanket off) your turn!
by Candy Roth December 07, 2010
(v). to be cool, sweet, or chill.
Bridget: I just drank an entire bottle of mustard.
Drew: Dude, you're so Bruce!

Sex Tiger: I kinda just want to hang out tonight and lay low.
Bethany: You're so not Bruce tonight.
by dumps278 June 12, 2008
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