after pulling out of anal sex, spooning and leaving a brown shitty mixture on the recipients back
After having sex with my partner I was so tired we just spooned, only to wake up with a brownback
by gaystpete February 12, 2015
Area of fecal smearing in the lower back done by the penis during or at the end of anal intercourse, caused by the bottom partner a priori failure to clear their bowls.
After fucking her in the ass, I gave her a brownback.

While fucking my ass, he pulled out and gave me a brownback.

One of the benfits of double penetration is the possibility of instant double brownback - that's why you should try it!
by crycrybabycrybaby February 12, 2015
The act of having unprotected anal sex using your partners fecal matter as luberication.
The governor of Kansas brownbacked his aide Jesus so hard he had poo splatters all over his desk.
by Way dog February 13, 2015
A type of anal sex wherein the receptive party has an anal cavity full of feces.
"You want to do anal? Ok, but I haven't taken a shit all day. Hope you're ok with brownback."

When John forgot to douche before bottoming for Harry, their bareback sex quickly became of the brownback variety.
by Banana_man1987 February 12, 2015
When a person smears Santorum on another person's back after anal sex.
"Hold still, I'm not finished brownbacking yet!"
by Kama Sutra Scholar February 16, 2015
The stain that occurs from the reverse flow of semen and fecal matter after anal sex.
Although Sam tried everything, he was unsuccessful in removing the foul and unseemly image of the brownback upon his lower torso.
by HEYWOOD JABLOME February 12, 2015
Noun: a man's anal cavern that has been smeared with feces after receiving anal sex.

Verb: to rub feces off of one's penis between the other man's butt cheeks and around his anus from which it was originally located.
Rick decided to give Sam a brownback after their session of passionate love making. While rubbing his cock in between Sam's buttcheeks, Rick felt santorum slowly begin leaking onto his shit covered, semi erect penis.
by Brownbacker420 July 06, 2015

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