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Screwing oneself with a personally influenced and recently enacted legal statute or executive order.
The Governor of Kansas was really brownbacking himself when he rescinded LGBT protections in the state.
by Joe K Smith Jr the two February 11, 2015
(1) Fucking yourself with your own legislation.

(2) pulling out my poopy dick from banging my secret boyfriend as a straight married Christian governor of Kansas and slapping said poopy dick all over my boyfriends back because I'm too mad to admit im gay.

Sentence: "hey Rick Santorum," tony giggled mischievously, "wanna get into some brownbacking tonight after your wife and kids fall asleep?"
Sentence (1): I, Kansas governor Brownback, want to ban gay marriage unconstitutionally inviolation of federal law and instead follow the law of the bible, but dagdanbit, I done gone brownbacking myself by passing Amendment 1 "Sharia law" banning our state from following foreign law.

Sentence (2): "hey Rick Santorum," tony giggled mischievously, "wanna get into some brownbacking tonight after your wife and kids fall asleep?"
by Chumbux February 11, 2015
Fucking ones self with ones own statute. Named for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback who has stated that he believes homosexuality to be immoral as a violation of both Catholic doctrine and natural law.
Passing the "Sharia Law" amendment really ended up brownbacking Alabama when it comes tto gay marriage.
by arose1 February 11, 2015
After any group or groups of persons, gay or straight, engage in anal intercourse, the man who's penis has been inside the other person's rectum, uses his now fecal covered penis to draw a picture, using the person's fecal matter, on his or her back. Sort of like a poopy game of Pictionary. The draw-ee, as it were, tries to guess what the draw-er is drawing.
"So check this out Bro, Josh and I were Brown Backing last night and he drew the logo for the Chiefs on my back! I totally got it before he was even finished! Brownbacking Kansas Governor Sam Brownback brown brown backing brownback
by Momma Rugburn February 11, 2015
Gay partners deficate on each other's penis' then rub their penis, on the backs of their partner. Sex is usually enjoyed with said partners after.
Gov. Sam Brownback enjoys brownbacking with his male staffers and interns.
by Bboystance February 11, 2015
When you make a statement that contradicts a previous statement
The republican party was Brownbacking when they supported the Jordanian king because they call Obama, in a derogatory way, king Obama and muslim
by kinglaziness February 12, 2015
Pulling an erect penis out of the anus and wiping it on ones partners butt with feces still on penis.
Brownbacking is a great way to end a sexual encounter.
by TheTopBoss February 11, 2015
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