1. When, in the performance of anal sex with one who has recently consumed an Arby's value meal, the subsequent diarrhea is used as a lubricant to conduct a nuru massage on the back of the recipient.

2. An American politician currently serving as Governor of Kansas.
1. After picking up some Arby's for Kanye, we went into the bedroom and I lovingly brownbacked him till he wept tears of joy.

2. Governor Brownback is an asshole.
by simoncabron February 12, 2015
A reverse Cleveland steamer where instead of crapping on person's chest, one craps on the person's back and rocks back and forth. Named for the Kansas governor who not only drove the Kansas economy into a ditch with trickle down economics, but also imposed theocratic ideals by allowing the legal discrimination of the LGBT community.
After Brownback, brownbacked the LGBT community of Kansas, he went home to get brownbacked by his gardener.
by Grandmastershek February 12, 2015
Using fecal material as lubricant in unprotected anal sex.
The Governor of Kansas is a closeted homosexual whos favorite sexual acts includes all sorts of scat play, especially brownbacking.
by Brownback February 12, 2015
A sexual act, preferred by Republicans in which loose stools are are rubbed on the back, over the eyes and in the mouth of one's partner while Fox News plays in the background.
Sam and Mary's children were turned off to heterosexual sex for the rest of their lives after they walked in on their parents brownbacking on the living room floor.
by Shellll February 12, 2015
The act of receiving anal intercourse from a foreign day laborer.
I went to home depot in hope of getting brownbacked in the parking lot.
by foulness November 28, 2011
Wiping your dick on your partners back after anal intercourse, usually to get rid of the santorum, results in Brownback.

Named after Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS)
Mike is so kinky! He asked me to give him Brownback last night!
by MrWhateverman96 February 13, 2015
The upchuck of fecal matter on to your partners back during and after vigorous anal sex via doggy style, wherein the feces propel from the recipients anus due to harsh manner of penetration, stick to the anal givers torso, and rubbed along the recipients back due to the nature of doggy style.
"I was giving Kansas Governor Sam Brownback some good anal until he brownbacked from my force; I instantly came."

"That's disgusting."
"What, the vigorous anal sex resulting in the propelling feces?"
"No, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. I gag whenever I see his smug, homophobic face."
by chujfugh February 13, 2015

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