When you pull your cock out after anal sex, and rest it on your partners back leaving a brown racing stripe.
Sam Brownback says it's okay to fire LGBTpeople for no reason, let's Brownback and get out of Kansas fast.
by dr. rye February 11, 2015
screw yourself over with your own statute and then smear fecal matter all over another person's back for sexual enjoyment
Gov. Brownback got brownbacked when he tried to defend his law allowing discrimination against LGBT citizens.
by jon stewart's other wife February 11, 2015
When you take a runny dump on your partner's back while a third partner waits patiently at the crack for the stream to travel to their mouth.
My boyfriend and I brownbacked that Governor so badly he looked like a six year old that scarfed down a chocolate Sunday
by eudoxus408 February 12, 2015
A word use to describe when someone usually an infant takes a crap and it gets smeared all over its back.
"That baby is a "brownback" since it got shit all over itself"
by joe west November 10, 2006
To routinely and cowardly turn your back towards the shitstorm of intolerance and inequality even though you have sworn an oath to all men being created equal.
Everything he says about tolerance and equality and justice for all is bullshit, he's a brownback.
by jstewfan February 12, 2015
A sexual act, preferred by Republicans in which loose stools are are rubbed on the back, over the eyes and in the mouth of one's partner while Fox News plays in the background.
Sam and Mary's children were turned off to heterosexual sex for the rest of their lives after they walked in on their parents brownbacking on the living room floor.
by Shellll February 12, 2015
Is the act of using your own fecal matter to as lubricant for sexual enjoyment while watching porn.
Sam was so excited watching migget porn he soiled himself and started to brownback.
by Syxx117 February 11, 2015

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