Noun: a man's anal cavern that has been smeared with feces after receiving anal sex.

Verb: to rub feces off of one's penis between the other man's butt cheeks and around his anus from which it was originally located.
Rick decided to give Sam a brownback after their session of passionate love making. While rubbing his cock in between Sam's buttcheeks, Rick felt santorum slowly begin leaking onto his shit covered, semi erect penis.
by Brownbacker420 July 06, 2015
The act of defecating into another person's anus, eating said feces out of person's rectum then vomiting on their back
I brownbacked all over my boyfriend last night
by Brownbacker February 17, 2015
A term that is used when a baby has shit so much it went up its lower back.
"Man your baby smells dude,Holy shit it has a brownback. You should clean that shit."
by haloboy May 06, 2009
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