1) a sex act allegedly illegal in the state of Kansas involving unprotected anal sex where santorum remains on penetrating penis and then without washing the santorum off engaging in anal sex once again or coitus. Origin: a portmanteau of "brown" + "bare-back"

2) the governor of Kansas
I wanted to brownback my girlfriend last but she didn't want an infection, also we were in a hotel in Kansas, so she didn't want to get arrested.
by thegovernorofkansas November 27, 2011
Top Definition
When a person smears fecal matter all over another person's back for sexual enjoyment. Named for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback who cut all funding for the arts in his state
After screwing over all the children in Kansas because now they no longer have an arts program, Governor Brownback decided to Brownback himself and masturbate.
by explodemasterkushlazer June 05, 2011
A method of removing excrement from the penis after anal sex, by wiping the feces on the back of the other person.

See "santorum" on "google"
What one may do with the mixture of lube and fecal matter
that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.
After anal sex I had to brownback Sam from Kansas, because my cock was covering in shit.
by dumbledick November 27, 2011
A teabagging legislator who is covered in santorum.
The governor is such a brownback, he cut off all state funding for the arts to appease the teabaggers.
by notinkansasanymore June 01, 2011
A governor of a Great Planes state who soils himself like a baby pandering to teabaggers.
The governor of Kansas is such a Brownback; the teabaggers eat it all up.
by ChukWiseGuy February 09, 2011
When a person, after pulling out from unprotected anal sex, smears or frosts fecal matter all over another person's back, either with their penis, strap-on, or dildo/vibrator, for sexual enjoyment . Named for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback who proposed gutting the legal protections for LGBT individuals in the State of Kansas.
Did you just "Sam Brownback" me?
If you mean, did I just smear fecal matter all over your back after pulling my penis out of your ass and as a result get even more turned on, then yes, I did.
by Offical outrage February 11, 2015
Verb - To go overboard and abuse whatever power you have (political or otherwise) to retaliate against an insignificant negative statement by someone with little to no influence, thus making a gigantic ass of yourself in the process.

Noun - A person who brownbacks

Note: Named after Gov. Sam Brownback who paid thousands to demand an apology from some high school kid who tweeted that "he sucked" to about 60 followers.
"I'm going to post something on facebook about how I think Obama is lame."
"Dude, I wouldn't do that"
"Why? What's he going to do, brownback me?"
"Well, if he does, make sure you wear one of my promotional t-shirts when they interview you. I wouldn't want a PR blunder like that to go to waste ^__^."
by unanimousdelivers November 28, 2011
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