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A beautiful girl, a natural beauty, who's big sparkly eyes could get lost into for years. With a smile no-one will ever forget. And a hot piece of ass!
A great sense of humor and personality , always see's the funny things in life, a very artistic beauty.
Trustworthy, and understandable. everyone knows who Bron is.
Stacy:- oh i love how i can talk to my best friend

Millie:- oh is that bron?

Boy 1:- wow , whats that shining light in the distance
Boy 2:- yep, my friend you have just seen a Bron
by robbowow-wow June 16, 2011
an over the counter drug that can be purchased in Japan, containing small amounts of codine. Comes in both pill and liquid form. Taking large amounts creats that high euphoric state of mind. Only $20 for a bottle of 60 and $30 for 85.
After work lets get leaned out on BRON tonight!
by Dr. P. Hunter July 23, 2008
The sort of beautiful girl you meet through random chance (like at a bus stop) and want to know closely for the rest of your life. A challenging, baffling, bumbling but most of all amazingly talented girl that brings warmth to your heart with the faintest flash of a smile.
Joey Joe-Joe: Hey, how did you meet your girlfriend anyway? She's breath-taking!

Mortimer Murdermany: *sigh* It sounds ridiculous, but I met her at a bus stop one day on our way to class.

Joey Joe-Joe: Ah! A real Bron then, huh? I should have known.
by Kevin Eleven June 17, 2008
A beer, typically of a brand commonly enjoyed by college students.
Trent: I just picked up some brons. Want to come over?
Steve: Natty?
Trent: Is there any other choice?
by Albert E. November 27, 2007
1. Brons is Dutch for Bronze.
2. A teacher at the Marnix College in Ede, The Netherlands. She speaks fluent French and always carries a briefcase. She is mostly late in class. Brons is also famous for her loads of tests and open minded reactions. Ms. Brons does not like people that do not like France, French or people that do not pay attention.
Ms. Brons got angry at Job Smeets when he got a one for the fourth time this month.
by Wolf of Darkness August 07, 2003
Grand master morman. or brons/bronson to the average tom dick n harry. This Peculiar laddy is a leet pwner or the commonly known counter strike, or cs to the nerds. He has girls shoes and wobbles his heads rather like bobo doll, he is solid^'s elder and commands all bandasville. WATCH OUT THO LADDY HE WILL DIRTY BRONSON YOU!
shh or i will dirty bronson you

'creater of all that is bronson'
by daniel-son June 08, 2003
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