Dutch faggot who goes out for dinner, then stiffs you when it comes time to pay.
Hi, im bron! Im a dutch idiot! I go out to tea with my mates, then when it comes time to pay I realise I have no cash in my wallet!
by roflomfglmfao August 12, 2008
a man like woman, eg, a woman that looks like a man
'gee did u see that big ugly bron?'
by nickUELEHELH August 30, 2005
A bron is a cross between a brother and son; therefore meaning that a mother and son have copulated to produce male offspring.
One night Rocky and his mom were soooo drunk that they ended up screwing, and what do you know 9 1/2 months later--a bron.
by Logan Woolf April 01, 2009
A usually dutch individual who can be a ball sack when ever he wishes. Generally affiliated with nips or dutch people.
I hate bron's.
by #team.tobes January 23, 2004
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