worst situation imaginable; worse than being completely out of money and with no other options.
When Ken was cheering up his buddy Cori about his financial hardships, Ken replied; well I'd rather be broke than broke back! Which made Cori realize that there are worse things than being broke.
by keneesha January 14, 2011
Any thing or person of questionable sexuality. Gayness.
See Vitale? he's so brokeback with his feminine shaped body and small willie.
by jusso August 25, 2007
Refers to an emotionally homoerotic relationship between two men who otherwise identify as straight.
"Dude, Sam and Frodo are so close, it's almost brokeback".
by yiorgos_k June 22, 2007
Term used to describe two men who are gay together or in a relationship.
"Did you see those brokebacks holding hands??"
by Anonymiss March 17, 2006
Relates to the movie "Brokeback Mountain" directed by Ang Lee. Won many nominees and awards from the Oscars.
"Dang, did you see brokeback yet?"
by movie rater March 12, 2006
1. It is a prefix for gay. If you put broke back infront of a word that means it is gay. It is used in shows to make fun of people like American Idol.

2. fag, likes same sex, homo
Your brother is a broke back boy.
Your brother is a gay boy.
Shut up you broke back.
Shut up you fag.
by Gozzay February 17, 2006
term describing unrequited or impossible love.
Those two were meant for each other, but they could never be together. It was a brokeback situation.
by metric March 28, 2006

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