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An exclamation usually meant to convey disappointment or dissatisfaction. It is used to equate with a misfortune with having a man force his testicles into your mouth.
After getting a low grade on the exam, he said "Well balls in my mouth!"
by ballsinmyfuckingmouth September 18, 2007
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A song created by a young boy in California in late 2008, became wildly popular throughout the USA on myspace youtube and facebook.
Jane and Katey were bored out of their minds, but then I started singing Balls in my mouth, and we started laughing. It also got us horny and we fucked.
by Artist of Weird Songs April 15, 2009
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A fast food restaurant that has the best food on earth.
Wow, That Balls In My Mouth Was Excellent.

I Havent Had That Much Balls In My Mouth In Years.

Im Really Want Some Balls In My Mouth.
by Cheezjustin August 04, 2008
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