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to waste time and/or energy in an attempt to fail at some task
1. I didn't want to go to the meeting so I Brodered back and forth between my office and the lunch room for 15 minutes until it started. Then I didn't go because it would have been rude to show up late.
2. I didn't want to have hamburgers again today, so last night I Brodered all the propane away by leaving the barbeque running after I was done cooking.
by drbradfo February 15, 2013
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Originated in Miami. Cuban slang for "brother".

It is pronounced as if you were trying to say the word "brother" with a heavy Cuban accent.
Oye broder, how u doin'?
by =305=786=MIA~PRIDE== September 04, 2007
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To drink to the point of complete and total retardation. In the state of being "broders" you will be so gone your friends will have to carry you and keep you from fighting everyone else around you. Best to stop your friends before they get to this point
I drank so much last night i was totally broders.
by Zach Broders October 03, 2008
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