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Broder Daniel were a swedish rock/pop band. They have a whole lot of fans in Sweden, and they've sort of built a culture there. They split up in 2008, mostly because the guitarist, Anders Göthberg, killed himself in march 2008. Broder Daniel's last concert was 8/8-08 at the swedish festival Way Out West. Recently (in july 2009) a documentary about Broder Daniel and their last concert came out, and it's called "Broder Daniel Forever". The singer in Broder Daniel's name is Henrik Berggren.

Famous songs:
Shoreline, When We Were Winning, Whirlwind, I'll be gone, Underground, No Time For Us.
Dude1: I listened to Broder Daniel last night.
Dude2: Me too, I love them and always will.
by Mymymy August 21, 2009
Short for Black Holes And Revelations, Muse's 4th studio album.
BH&R is aaawesome!
by Mymymy September 11, 2009

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