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1. Disgraced Rpublican Representative from Florida who resigned after it was revealed that he sent sex messages to a 16 year old page. Worked on Child Protection Committee. Gay guy who voted to ban gay marriage. Covered for by Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert. GOP leaders and pro-"family" groups were quick to blame to scandal on gay people, proving that they really are homophobes.
GOP Leader: We were afraid if we stopped Mark Foley from preying on teenage boys we would be accused of gay-bashing,
Person with common sense: You've never been afraid of hurting gay people, plus the boy was 16 with a 53 year-old man for crying out loud!

Pro-"family" advocate: Mark Foley proves that gay men hurt little boys.
Person with common sense: You're a homophobe
by Trinu October 13, 2006
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Disgraced former member of the House of Representatives with odd reading habits.
Mark Foley never uses a bookmark; he likes to bend the pages over.
by Only Liberal Here November 08, 2006
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disgraced US senator who has been forced into resignation after it was revealed that he sent dirty IM's to a 17-year-old boy.
The amazing thing is that Mark Foley had been appointed the chairman of the missng and exploited children's caucus.
by king of canada October 01, 2006
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V. or N.
When someone bends down to pick something up from under a chair that someone else is sitting in. Especially prevalent with guys because girls excuse each other for the act.

The person who is mark foleying may be adressed as Mark Foley in the following example:
*Bob bends down to pick up a pencil that has rolled under Ben's chair.*
Ben: HEY, Mark Foley, watch it there!
by colonel cheesemonkey May 25, 2007
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