3 definitions by =305=786=MIA~PRIDE==

Cuban/Miami slang for "homey".
Oye acere, que bola?!
by =305=786=MIA~PRIDE== September 12, 2007
Originated in Miami. Cuban slang for "brother".

It is pronounced as if you were trying to say the word "brother" with a heavy Cuban accent.
Oye broder, how u doin'?
by =305=786=MIA~PRIDE== September 04, 2007
Short for "da bomb diggity"

1. Originated in Miami and is frequently mixed with Cuban slang. Refers to anything that is really cool, even more so more than da bomb.

2. A modernized version of the played out da bomb.

3. It is also a play on the acronym DVD and can be used to refer to movies that are exceptional.
I went to see that new movie last night, and man, yo that thing was DBD yo! Oiga me flaco, man, you really gotta see it broder!

Oye acere check out my phat new ride, es muy DBD yo!

Mi abuelita's carne con papas son really DBD yo!!
by =305=786=MIA~PRIDE== September 04, 2007

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