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a man's penis, either large or used with authority, as if it were a medieval broadsword.
Don't even trip, girl, you know I swing that broadsword.
by C-Smith October 27, 2005
A large, durable, indestructible weapon, used to destroy the weaker katana blade.
The Broadsword! On Conquest!
by Poops McGee January 07, 2004


1. a sword with a wide blade, used for cutting rather than thrusting.

2. a thick cock of substantial girth, one whose cross-sectional shape is elliptical, and not circular, thereby providing more surface area for vaginal contact with less required volume of blood.

3. One who calls Danny Boy.

"I cut off his cock with my broadsword!"

"Heidi, don't you want my broadsword inside you?"

"Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Broadsword calling Danny Boy."
by joepa007 December 31, 2013
1: (noun) When a man holds his penis at the base with one hand, similar to wielding a sword.
1: There's nothing like a man wielding his broadsword.
by bolshefuck111 August 08, 2015
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