A country that blames, hates, and always compares to, America, for any reason they can come up with.
Charlie: Have you searched Britain into Urban Dictionary lately?

Derek: Yeah, every definition says that America sucks and the british are more powerfull.
by him321123 May 04, 2009
A country with beautiful scenery, from the vast open moors, the dramatic mountains of the lake district, Wales and Scotland, the wonderful coastline dotted with hundreds of islands, the many accents and dialects and 3 languages.

There is also more than one city in Britain other than London, and many more cities, towns and villages that are spread right across the country.

We are also not all posh, some of us are common as shit.
American 1: Where are we going to go on vacation?

American 2: let's go to Britain

American 1: Do you mean London?

American 2: Where else? It's the only place I've heard of in Britain so it must be the only place there!

American 1: According to Google maps there's a place called York, its a long way out of London.

American 2: Probably just filled with Hobbits.
by Moo_Beast June 25, 2011
The greatest kingdom in the world..... America is an awsome country aswel, we both have the best health-care, films, T.V,technology and military, but us Brits created the US, along with Ireland ....... they have our language, and culture, and are now the largest super power and the envy of the rest of the world, then the UK ... unfortunately the UK is overun with pakistanis, and we all know what them people get up to with their friendly muslim neighbours afghanistan, 7/7, 9/11...
We have acomplished so much, from a relatively small country.
Also, Britain wasnt saved by the Americans in WW2, your air force was only good with the introduction of the british rolls royce engine and technology, and also our scientists etc fleeing to america during ww2! in replayment, the US gave us some weapons ... UK & US rule!
Britain and america rule!
by john-beproud October 20, 2006
A country containing only the sexiest men and women in the world. Also contains the smartest and the best dressed.
Although, the country known as America, being branched off from Britain also contains some very sexy, smart and well dressed people but they just can't compete with the awesomeness of Britain.
"hey, you know that Britain? That's a cool country, that is."
by Greendawgg November 05, 2009
The group of countries that half of the worlds armed forces are trained properly after the americans fuck up thier soldiers by telling them to only do what they are told instead of using the initiative that could save thier lives and those of all thier unit. Also the ones who have the most elite units the SAS.

The group of countries that held the largest empire the world has ever known dispite what people say about the romans, (btw even they are not second its actually the list goes British, Mongolian, russian, Spanish, chinese, caliphate, French, portugese, Brazilian, Achaemenid, japanese and then Roman!!! ok so nowhere near the top).

The group of countries that came up with the nationalised health service (NHS) where everyone can be treated for free on most health issues.

Although its not all rosey we are now the fatest country in Europe because we are stuffing our faces too much and not getting off our arses. We are becoming too overpopulated because we also have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe, we have given birth to the chav that is destroying all society.

We can be better again if we actually get up and work hard, that is the reason countries we used to have a stake in such as china and india are becoming the superpowers they are today, because they work hard for it and will do it well.
"Hey who kicks all kinds of ass"

"The SAS obviously"

"Who trained them?"

"Britain did"

"Enough said"
by OnlyTruthspeaker October 24, 2011
The worlds biggest hotel. Was once probably a nice place to live but has gone downhill since the government decided that we owe all immigrants (especially muslims) a house, a car, and an income, all paid for of course by the native inhabitants of the country. oh and if you say a single bad word about them or their beliefs they have the right to cause riots while you are locked up.
Despite the fact that most immigrants hate us and are clearly taking advantage of our spineless government, most people of britain will not say a bad word about them because they feel we somehow owe all immigrants something..
by multi-cultural my arse February 04, 2009
A country with people who generally hate America because they lost the Revolutionary War to them. People from Britain usually have a large sense of national pride, and do not take any stereotypes sitting down. Unlike many other countries, people from Britain can get easily offended by stereotypes, even if they are said jokingly. The British usually like to use random examples like the SAS to show that they are better than Americans (In the case of the SAS, anyone with an ounce of intelligence can look up failed SAS operations on Wikipedia).
American: "Hey, you're from Britain, right?"

Brit: "What, you're gonna call my teeth ugly? Fat cowboy!"

American: "Whoa, calm down man! I'm just acknowledging your nationality!"
Brit: "Oh, go stuff a cheeseburger in your mouth! Anyway, we British are much more technologically advanced than you Yanks! We invented football (which you idiots call soccer) and cricket!

American: "So you're saying that a country that invented the light bulb, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, the transistor, and 3-D printing is not as advanced as a country that invented some sports?"

Brit: "Too right, mate. Actually, you're not my mate! You're a cunt! Also, we have the SAS!"

American: "Are you in the SAS?"

Brit: "No, so?"

American: "Well, I have three responses for you: 1. The SAS has failed operations, 2. There is no one "best" special operations force, and real members of the SAS hate seeing self proclaimed commandos like your self decide who is best, and 3. You're using the accomplishments of men you don't even know and will never associate as you aren't and probably won't be in the SAS for your own gain? That's pathetic. It shows that you have insecurity that you have to rely on other's achievements to show that you are superior."

Brit: "Uh....I have to go to tea......"

(Runs away, masturbates to picture of the Queen).
by King Elliot April 05, 2015
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