A very nice location in Western Europe. It is known for it's beatiful scenery, famous artists of many forms, and classic food. The women also feel free to have a little hair in locations that the culture of the tyrannical United States would not allow. They also allow a little leeway in the area of dental hygeine, allowing people to have the teeth they want, not the teeth that society has determined is "better." They understand that expecting teeth to be purely white is a fallicy, and has it's roots in racism. It also has a large amount of rain, which has a positive effect on the country, as it leads to depressions, which leads to some suicide, which prevents population crisises (is that a word? crisises? anyway...). England is a beatiful place that has given us Harry Potter, James Bond, Lord of the Rings, and the Chronicles of Narnia. All four of those series are based on true stories.
Briton: I say, you Yankees should come and visit Britain some day.
American: Why I think I will.
Briton: And try some fish and chips!
American: Yum! What kind of chips? Lays? Pringles?
Briton: Oh, no I'm sorry, you're thinking of POTATO chips. In Britain, what we call chips, you call French fries.
American: Fuck you.
by Clarence Hedgewater September 20, 2011
A country largely known by Irish people as: "Those pompous pricks who stole our country". Britain felt that, as the Irish were incapable of coherent thought, they would be doing us a favour by coming into our country, killing our people and forcing their language and religion down our throats. They are infamous for producing the "Black and Tans", a group of disgusting thugs who murdered a great deal of Irish people throughout the early 20th century. They held the greatest nation captive for seven hundred years - and succeeded in making us speak their language. They still hold six counties in the North of Ireland, as they successfully brainwashed the people there into believing that they WERE British.
Pompous person 1: "I do say, King Henry VIII, oughn't we do something about that silly little island next door? I do believe they speak some incoherent Gaelic language, and it is not nearly as coherent and wonderful as our beautiful language. They haven't got the same intelligence as we have in Britain."

King Henry VIII: "Yes, yes, do whatever you want, I've got a wife to execute! I do agree that our culture of murder and pillage is far better than whatever they do. Not that I know anything about them."
by Hollamachine October 15, 2011
A place that resembles a thistle. The top part is beautiful and the bottom part is covered with pricks.
I sure enjoy being a part of Britain! Shame the bottom half is covered in pricks!
by sam_squawk July 22, 2009
uncontrollable immigration and crap eurovision entrys and low lives in council estates
britain is full of political correctness, soaps like eastenders and correnation street and has shit weather
by charlottepickle April 11, 2008
Spot o' tea, wot wot? Oi've got some krumpets, if ya'd loike!
Britain likes tea
by matthew tigerhawk kurschnerman February 04, 2011
A group of islands situated of the west coast of mainland Europe mainly populated by uneducated, ill-informed rascists. Chief exports include: war, political intimidation, financial exploitation, environmental damage and twats.
Britain is the shame of the world thanks to lost souls like Tony Blair, The Queen, Voldemort & tattooed tossers you may see in a bar or gutter near you if you have a nice country we have not invaded yet.
by cosmicbruce January 07, 2010
A country where "faggot" means cigarrette, "bitch" means girl dog, and "dick" is a guy's name.
Brit: Yah, in Britain I would put a faggot in my mouth, talk to Dick, and pet my bitch.
by Rainbow+Leprechaun August 12, 2008

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