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Lebanese style

1. A contradiction in terms.

2. To forcibly detain and rape an underage non-Muslim girl, usually perpetrated by multiple Lebanese youths. The perpetrators' mothers often grant interviews afterwards claiming the girl was an immodest, unchaste slut that wanted to be abducted, beaten and forcibly violated, as evidenced by her being outside the family home unacompanied and shamelessly flaunting her ankles.
We're all going to do you Leb style, bitch! (Slap)
by Thicksheikh September 03, 2007
Great Britain, United Kingdom

Small, tired, miserable and damp little island located west of the European mainland. Once the pre-eminent power of the world during the 19th century but now a mere shadow of it's former self. Horrible weather and food, and posseses a culture that is increasingly being transformed into a beer-swilling "yob" gutter society. Due to the rapid Islamisation of the UK it is not advisable to use their mass transit systems.

Mostly harmless.
"Why do they still keep calling it 'Great' Britain?"
by Thicksheikh September 03, 2007
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