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A completely made-up sub-culture, invented by the media and white people trying to act black and giving it a different name. Americans who think that they are Italian because their grandparents are, and are therefore hated by both Americans, actual Italians and of course, the rest of the world.

The guidette is the female variation, often short, overweight and fantastically ugly, but are somehow under the impression that they are attractive.
Look at that guido and guidette couple going to the tanning salon together... Awwww it's like they're people.
by Sam_squawk October 24, 2011
A place that resembles a thistle. The top part is beautiful and the bottom part is covered with pricks.
I sure enjoy being a part of Britain! Shame the bottom half is covered in pricks!
by sam_squawk July 22, 2009
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