To define something that is dangerous

A parody of a characters name created by Brian Conley ('Dangerous Brian' was the superheros character)
Ted "Go up that electricity pylon and get my frisbee back"

Jeff "No way man, its well Brian up there"
by team uca January 07, 2008
someone who is fucking useless
Dude, stop being a Brian and help me out here.
by Breezy Lo December 27, 2009
A complete jackass of a brother who likes to dick around when he isn't given what he wants.
dude, your such a effing Brian.
by ICUPFUNNYCOLORS April 07, 2009
An awesome guy with an abnormally large dick. Is sexually confused., and will have sex with anything that's hot and has a vagina or anus, regardless of gender. Unless drunk, where he'll have sex with just about anything.
Person 1: I totally sucked off Brian last night. I thought I was going to suffocate trying to fit that thing in my mouth!

Person 2: You faggot.
by That One Fag From School August 30, 2008
Verb- To be urinated on.
Person1- "I wish you'd brian all over me."
Person2- "Bitch, yo' siiick."
by SaraBlueee. May 31, 2006
A habitual user of friends, girls, and drugs. A kleptomaniac who has no regard for other people's property. Selfish, conceited person who will go to great lengths to get what he wants.
1. Brian is such a kleptomania he WOULD steal oxygen from a dying person.
by shit head hater March 27, 2009
1) One who attracts random gay men, most of whom are shirtless.

2) One who tortures and kills small animals for their amusement.

3) One who randomly breaks into a high-pitched effeminate voice when angry and/or upset.

4) One who has starred in numerous cheap pornography productions.

5) One who thinks he is clever but only ends up getting screwed over.

1) That guy getting followed by that shirtless kid must be a real Brian.

2)That jerk is such a Brian. He disembowels doves for fun.

3) Calm down you pansy! You are such a Brian.

4) This is the fourth movie we've watched with that Brian in it!

5) That idiot is such a Brian.
by Ms. Clean August 31, 2008

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