An extremely amazing guy. He is he fittest person ever, he's the sweetest person you could ever meet. You will fall in love with him after a couple of months. (:
girl 1: Hey there's Brendan!
girl 2: OMG He's so fit!!!
girl 1: He's amazing too.
by iloveyou1,2,3shoobedoo. April 22, 2011
one of the best most freakin amazing guys you will ever meet!!!! he has perfect hair and an amazing style!!! every girl that sees him wants him! he is an amzingly sweet and down to earth guy with an awesome sense of humor! he is athletic and loves baseball and soccer! HOT!! hot is one of the best ways to describe brendan! a great, awesome, funny guy that you should definetly get to know! brendans usually like girls who's names start with the letter m.... (:
brendan?! danggg hes HOT!!!!!
by chicken wangg October 13, 2010
another termed used for when a female squirts
girl1- last night i was with this guy
girl2- was he good??did he make u brendan
girl1-i brendan'd so much it was like a shower
by cherry flavoured condoms December 07, 2008
A brendan is a person who will always have your back. He will make sure you are fed and warm and angry all the time. He will probably like heavy metal, which will make you want to hide your face when you ride around in his car. A word of advice, the best time to get a ride from a Brendan is at 3 in the morning because he wont remember. He will almost always have a better solution than the one you came up with, and he will definitly think he is God. and he will also be a brendan supremasist. If you find one, do not tolerate his crap, but know that he's got you 100% so dont be mean for no reason, because it will hurt his feelings, oh! and one more thing, he never forgets a debt so make sure he knows that you have no intention of paying him back. A brendan is an honest and true friend so dont let him go!
guy- "Wow! that guys so brendan, he lent me $2.50!"the brendan- "I'l expect that back tomorrow, but I will give you rides wherever and whenever you want for free."
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011
The most amazing guy anyone could ever want. He's silly and smart, and he treats you right. He has short, brown curly hair, and milk chocolate brown eyes. His hands were made for playing piano, and guitar... His piano playing puts you in a trance.. And its unreal. The way he loves is surreal... You never expected to fall in love him, and when you did, you fell hard...
Brendan is so amazing.
by ilybekah13 October 26, 2010
A tall, handsome man with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He's an incredible hockey player. He knows how to love a girl with a great deal of passion and is always making everyone around him happy. He has very good morals and is very intelligent, and has a cute sence of humor, he has a beautiful smile that every girl drools for. He is simply amazing, and perfect in the eye of his girlfriend. Everyone wants to be his friend and go places with him. he is spectacular, handsome, cute, hot, just flat out amazing. the best boyfriend ever .
by Zoe1485 July 14, 2011
A very sophisticated, albeit sometimes poncy, Trival Pursuit master and Boogle enthusiast.
Look at Brendan drinking his venti chai and reading The New Yorker.
by Katerina O'Houlahan March 17, 2006

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