A guy who is skinny and tall and usually have huge gauges . Takes his girls beatings .His best friend is often a Nathan who has black hair and cinnamon pine cones in the back seat of his car.
"Hey brendan"
"Brendan and nathan "
Brendan and nathan forever "
by manyourcool December 14, 2013
A concrete jungle cheetah, often get caught. Huge cheaters and there favorite animal is a cheetah. Often loses the best girls for him because of cheating
Person 1: who is Brendan now dating?
Person 2: I'm not sure he bounces around a lot
by Cheetah hater May 10, 2013
A guy that is a total prick who doesn't seem to shut up. He usually is known for preying on little children and is wanted in 39 states. He has a current world record for the world's tiniest dick. Like if you saw this guy's dick, you would say, "Shit! That guy has got one small wiener!", which is why most consider him more woman than man or some kind of wierd shit in between.
Guy 1: "Wow what the hell is that?!"
Guy 2: "That's a Brendan, stay away from those.
Guy 1: "Thanks for the advice man, you are a life saver!"
by Ersome person December 06, 2013
A totall Sex Hottie. He is the "IT" guy. He has an amazing set of six, large penis, and hair! He is very dumb and girls use him for action all the time. Has an ugly girlfriend that every girl is jelous. he is the highschool quarterback and starter for the boys varsity basketball boys. Its a pleasure for him to be in you.
gena: omfg is that HOTTIE?
lia: oh yeah i fucked him last night bitch.
gena: no way your a lucky WHORE. ima bitch slap you.

lex: i would deffinatly give my virginity to brendan, he so fuckable.
by bsgirl248469 December 25, 2011
A brendan is a witty wannabe who gets picked on most of the time most have six pack abs and red hair they try their best to be popular but are smart allics
Girl, is that milk

Boy, no its whige dyed water..... of coarse its milk
Girl, you're such a brendan
by galiwun December 28, 2012
A person who loves his mom he is always taking care of her he loves her . He hates his father and his father hates him. Brendan loves his family very much brendan is very hansome he is lovely to be around we all love him. Brendan is always helping people such as neighbors an everyone he love his mom dearly. We all love brendan so if you have brendan as a friend you are the luckyest person on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loves mom,Helps everyone,Loves mom,Brendan is awesome
by A man who is irish and loves February 12, 2013
A person of the short who is full of anger.
The short person filled with raged is called a Brendan.
by Peeps12345432 November 18, 2011

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