Word used to describe a shaven pussy cat.
I had just bathed my pussy and gave it a quick trim.
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
a beutifully well-maintained box.
Her box was so clean she had to have had it done professionally. I'd say it was a nice brazilian. CRAP ASS!
by FBD July 10, 2003
As otherwise noted, Brazilian can refer to either a person from the country of Brazil or a type of female hair-removal waxing. However, Brazilian can also be used as an exaggerated and made up figure.

When something costs a lot of money or there's a lot of something, instead of using a random large number like a million or a billion or a zillion, so as to exaggerate the cost or amount of the item(s), one can say Brazilian to garner a chuckle or 2.
Sabine: Hey Mike, did you see that brand new BMW that just drove by? Why don't you get that car and scrap that piece of shit hooptie you drive?
Mike: Are you fucking kidding? I cant afford a BMW, they cost like a Brazilian dollars!
Sabine: Calm your broke ass down.
by Skeeter McDougal October 06, 2005
The incorrect spelling of Brasilian.

America is retarded. (:
On a myspace comment:
Aren't you Brazilian?

No, I'm BraSilian.
by mdp (: January 18, 2009
what a hoe has when see completely shaved from the neck down.
I got her pants off and she was brazalian. Nice! Unfortunately, she stunk like a dead fish.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
A term used in Midwestern conversations to describe someone of mixed race.
That kid with the black father has a Brazilian complexion.
by Dan December 11, 2003
Obviously, a Brazilian is someone from Brazil, but in the sense of this definition "Brazilian" is a term that is supposed to be offensive against anyone, not just Brazilians. It is supposed to mean "idiot" or "dumbass." Native to Hudson, Massachusetts.
Why the hell did you just do that? You're such a fucking Brazilian!
by Jose Rivers October 28, 2007

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