Brandon is hot but you better not tell him because his incorrect insecurities of his body are the only thing keeping his giant swollen head in check. He is cute, sexy, funny and the most cuddly. He will light up your day and is the best dancer. He is tough and can verbally disarm you, takes great pride in himself. He has the biggest fucking dick and he knows how to use it. He also is a fucking dick. He will be your best companion and be loyal to you, then turn on you and break you into a million pieces. He is extremely intelligent but he will stand by an opinion that even he knows is wrong. He is passionate and loves to take care of his family and friends. He is made of magic, and is a combination of electric neon fireflies and pure evil.
He was such an alluring asshole, he needed AA. He was a Brandon.
by Juluandromeda May 08, 2013
The most amazing boy i have ever held a conversation with.
He makes me smile.
"I should've smooched Brandon."

"Brandon resides far away in Delaware."
by EMC_view August 22, 2006
A godly man that carries himself with pride and dignity and loves only one woman. His sexual prowis is legendary and craved by women near and far but experienced by very few.
That guy is such a Brandon!!
by Mizouthug January 29, 2009
the most amazing boy you will EVER meet in your life, someone who will care for you and when he's in love he'll never let you go. just wants 1 girl to love him for him, not his looks (even though they're amazing) absolutely great kisser & best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for.
cute hot amazing brandon
by kabbbbyyy April 10, 2010
Best guy to exist.
He's nice, caring, and respects girls.
normally follows a few philosiphys.
like, all that is loved should be protected
he doesent like to fight
but he will to protect ones he loves
smart in math
stronger then most

man that brandon is amazing
by shikamaru_nara March 08, 2009
A person who has a cool set of balls and a huge dick, he also likes metal and has long hair he fucks like a beast but is very kind and caring!
Brandon is a sexual beast who is kind and nice!
by hugecockville January 30, 2008
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