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A Brandon is always looking for a good time. He sure does like the ladies. Hes daring and not afraid to do anything, like wear short shorts on the last day! Brandon is super fun to be around. Everyone laugh's and smile's when hes around. Brandon is unforgettable.
Whoaa, look at what Brandon is doing!
by Hopee. July 10, 2010
81 43
the most amazing guy in the world. best boyfriend ever. cant ever stay mad at him. no matter what anybody says you gotta love brandon. sombody you can count on. cant get your mind off of him. sombody who you could love and never stop. hes so sweet. nobody compares to him. in his arms you always feel loved. totily forgiving. sombody you could dump and then cry over. reminds me of a teddy bear. shaggy hair. and so cute.
"you have to love brandon"
by yo bald headed granny November 01, 2011
70 34
the most amazing person you will ever meet. the kindest, sweetest, perfect guy alive. best boyfriend a girl could ask for <5 caring and loving, he'll help you through everything. stands for what he believes and will never let anyone down. knows how to treat a girl right.
-brandon is the best boyfriend ever <5
-that brandon sure is amazing.
by kordon October 15, 2010
78 45
An amazing friend/brother even if he really isn't biologically my brother I still think of him as one. He is adorable in his own special way, easy to talk to, total gamer, and is very trustworthy. Oh and don't forget passionate! Not to mention, one of my best friends.
"Reminds me of my bro"

"You have a bro?"

"Haha don'tworryaboutit"

by tayhoe22 June 20, 2010
50 21
The sexiest guy on the face of the earth. A total hunk with a steamy personality and has the amazing ability to sweep a girl off her feet. And on top of that the sweetest person you will ever meet with crazy comical skills.
Girl 1"Oh my gosh, hes soooo dreamy!"
Girl 2"OH, i know!! Hes a total brandon!"
Girl 1"Don't get any ideas, I saw him first!"
Girl 2"Pff, are you kidding? you'd never deserve a brandon!"
by eprincess99 August 11, 2010
51 23
a guy who is nice but really cool at the same time. he's very smart but also athletic. he's every girl's dream guy.
"omg ur so lucky to be dating Brandon"
"i know he's so perfect"
by basketballin28473930 April 18, 2010
58 30
That's Brandon with a 'B'. A guy who is very funny and likes to have fun. He plays a lot of sports, but is big into hockey. He has a big heart and will try to be the hero if he can. He typically isn't a fighter, but has been known to fight for love. He gives in easy though. He is a nice guy, and unfortunately, nice guys finish last. He is friends with many, and likes many different things. He can be a great friend, boyfriend and lover. He's a great kisser. Typically on a first date he'll take you to a hockey game and then out for dinner at a nice restaurant.
by HauteP1nk February 05, 2010
73 46