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Brak: A Cartoon Character spawned from the Spaceghost show in the late 70's turned into a Sitcom/Talk show in the mid 90's, giving him the oppertunity to have his own show " The Brak Show " Feat. such artists as Zorak and that giant robot thing that lives down the street.
The brak show was on last night!


yea! all new episodes! the third season is great!
by Jimbo October 22, 2003
Russian slang for shoddy, badly made merchandise. Slipshod craftsmanship, rubbish, trash, garbage.
Don't buy those shoes, they're Chinese brak.
by england phi beta gamma November 13, 2007
verb: to give an undesired item randomly.

noun: an undesired item received as a byproduct of being brak'd.
"Guys, let's brak him! Everybody gets one!"

"Man, my daughter brak'd me. My brak is a trampoline. I told her 'NO' a thousand times. Please tow it."
by Braker October 03, 2010
Pure genius! the most inteligent being on the planet and the best show ever
rich people talking in conversation

Samuel J Penny Worth: "my my.. i must say brak is a very intelectual being of such high class"

Drayton Thadius: "indeed he is, he must of graduated from harvard"
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
Not going to sleep and staying up the night. Usually during school days or "normal days" and does not include vacations or relaxing days.
-Jason: Who's trying to Brak the night?
-Jordy: I can't i got homework...
-Jason: Well.. who's up? LMS.
by The One Who Is Called The One August 22, 2011
BRAK! originates from the word brooke...but it is said obnoxiously and loudly. It is used when a person would like to yell out something loud to make someone laugh whos name is brooke.
She turned and looked at me with a straight face and i said BRAK!...she laughed...alot.
by wind talker of the aboriganees April 16, 2005
any verb or noun you can think of pertaining especially to bodily functions, harm inflicted on others or damage of any sort. it can also be used as a substitute for all cuss words.
The dog just brakked in the floor
Ryan just brakked Austin's head.
Go brak yourself.
by Juhnnuh May 14, 2004
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