A sudden thought, seemingly out of nowhere, that has nothing to do with the topic you are discussing.
We were discussing the party when all of the sudden my husband had a brain fart and asked me to remind him to change the air filter on his car.
by Sleeping Aurora July 21, 2014
When you say or do something stupid, your brain has had a brainfart.
Person A: Hey, switch on the TV, this show is annoying.
Person B: Switch it ON?
Person A: No, I meant off... I had a brainfart.
by Jerrika12 December 23, 2014
When your in mid-conversation and... Damn!! I forget what I was gonna say!
I can't give one because I forget what I was talking about... Duh!! Sorry everyone!

by scrale May 02, 2014
a bad idea
It was a real brain fart, when he started talking about how his pants fell down while wearing them low.
by T.V. John March 27, 2013
where you can't think of something, can't remember something
me: do you remember why you swirved when we were in the truck?
liza: no i am having a brain fart!
me: huh?
liza: i cant think/remember!
me: ohh
liza: it was so i didnt hit that turtle!
by Neelyk June 20, 2010
when you either blurt out something extremely wrong or embarassing infront of people or when you completely forget how to do something or say something
1. forgeting your name
2. I love you!! to someone infront of a bunch of people and they look at you really weird then you say or think oops brain fart
by crazymusicdudette January 02, 2009
A moment when you just forget something even if you ran through it a moment ago.
person1: What's that?
(points to chair)
person2: Uh, Uh...
person1: BRAIN FART!
by Adeladaine March 20, 2009

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