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something that is extremely unusual and cause you mental pain or distress
seeing that person naked was so horrific that i can never look them in the eye ever again
by crazymusicdudette January 01, 2009
someone who is emo and wears ALOT of eyeliner
that emo clown would looks like a racoon she/he wears so much eyeliner
by crazymusicdudette January 01, 2009
1. a mixture between giant, gigantic, horfic, and fantastical
2. a really big, disgusting, terrifying thing but yet still facinating and cool
that animal is so gigantorificatastical it's gross
by crazymusicdudette January 01, 2009
when you either blurt out something extremely wrong or embarassing infront of people or when you completely forget how to do something or say something
1. forgeting your name
2. I love you!! to someone infront of a bunch of people and they look at you really weird then you say or think oops brain fart
by crazymusicdudette January 02, 2009
1. a person who has emotional difficulties
2. need a way to express their emotions
3. can not deal with the world ergo they cut themselves to escape from reality
i'm a cutter because i hate society these days
by crazymusicdudette January 01, 2009
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