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The pasty pallor a person gets when a wave of nausea hits them characterized by paleness in the cheeks and lips, half lidded eyes, and lethargy. Often associated with overindulgence and pre-puke drools. Can also be used to describe motion sickness as in sea sickness or car sickness.
dude 1: Ughhh, I shouldn't have shot all those jagermeisters.

dude 2: Yeah but that fifth of wild turkey didn't help. You're definitely green around the gills.

dude 1: Ohhh gawd I'm gonna hurl!
by no1sandman March 20, 2010
Texting abbreviation for "See you in a bit". An expanded version of nabit (in a bit) as when you need some time to complete a task before starting another one.
texter 1: Win are u coming? I'm waitn

texter 2: On da way. Cunabit
by no1sandman January 01, 2010
momentary mental lapse as when you see someone familiar but forgot their name the instant you were going to say hello
Lover 1 Susan: Oh John that was sooo good!

Lover 2 John: Ohhh yeah, uh, rats I just had a brain fart. Damn what's your name again?
by no1sandman July 31, 2010
an extended texting session between two people substituting for a real conversation.
dude 1: I had a serious contextation with Mary last night.

dude 2: Really! What did y'all discuss?

dude 1: The Relationship of course. Guess I'm monogamous now. We wound up texting all night.
by no1sandman November 06, 2010
Foul bowel gas that follows the producer once emitted.
Dude 1: Sorry man. I did it outside. (rolling down the window as he gets in the car).

Dude 2: Oh wow, you got bad trailer gas. Let's get rolling so we can blow that out.
by no1sandman July 25, 2011
A vehicle traveling ten mph slower than the speed limit in the left lane of the freeway (a.k.a the fast lane) gabbing or texting on their cell phone with a line of vehicle behind them.
Driver: I HATE THIS IDIOT IN FRONT OF ME. I can't get by and I see them on their cell. I WANT TO RUN THEM OVER.

Passenger: Dude calm down. You'll kill us all.

Driver: Damn these freeway lollygabbing lollygabbers!!! Damn them to hell!
by no1sandman November 22, 2014
Stupid Piece Of Dog Shit, similar to PODS but a really stupid individual.
Dude did you see that idiot run that guy off the road?!? He's such a SPODS.
by no1sandman October 09, 2014

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