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6 definitions by no1sandman

Texting abbreviation for "See you in a bit". An expanded version of nabit (in a bit) as when you need some time to complete a task before starting another one.
texter 1: Win are u coming? I'm waitn

texter 2: On da way. Cunabit
by no1sandman January 01, 2010
The pasty pallor a person gets when a wave of nausea hits them characterized by paleness in the cheeks and lips, half lidded eyes, and lethargy. Often associated with overindulgence and pre-puke drools. Can also be used to describe motion sickness as in sea sickness or car sickness.
dude 1: Ughhh, I shouldn't have shot all those jagermeisters.

dude 2: Yeah but that fifth of wild turkey didn't help. You're definitely green around the gills.

dude 1: Ohhh gawd I'm gonna hurl!
by no1sandman March 20, 2010
momentary mental lapse as when you see someone familiar but forgot their name the instant you were going to say hello
Lover 1 Susan: Oh John that was sooo good!

Lover 2 John: Ohhh yeah, uh, rats I just had a brain fart. Damn what's your name again?
by no1sandman July 31, 2010
an extended texting session between two people substituting for a real conversation.
dude 1: I had a serious contextation with Mary last night.

dude 2: Really! What did y'all discuss?

dude 1: The Relationship of course. Guess I'm monogamous now. We wound up texting all night.
by no1sandman November 06, 2010
Foul bowel gas that follows the producer once emitted.
Dude 1: Sorry man. I did it outside. (rolling down the window as he gets in the car).

Dude 2: Oh wow, you got bad trailer gas. Let's get rolling so we can blow that out.
by no1sandman July 25, 2011
Stupid Piece Of Dog Shit, similar to PODS but a really stupid individual.
Dude did you see that idiot run that guy off the road?!? He's such a SPODS.
by no1sandman October 09, 2014