9 definitions by poonchasers

when you cum on someones upper lip while they are sleeping and it dries so it looks like a cum-mustache
that dick just gave me a messy guissepie!

Haha! I still see your cumstache
by poonchasers June 13, 2008
when someone is asleep and you shave their head and put the hair in a bag and then you shave their pubes and put them in a seperate bag and then you cum on their head and their crotch and then stick their pubes to their head and their head hair to their crotch
when he was asleep, i gave him a harlem haircut
by poonchasers June 19, 2008
the act of eating cheesesteak omelets off of an asian girls hair
that dude just got a sheintoch

by poonchasers September 20, 2008
when someone poops into your asshole while talking with a lisp
he just got a dipasquale!

by poonchasers June 17, 2008
when someone superglues their ass to your face
that fat guy just gave that dude a BOyer

i sure hope he doesnt poop!
by poonchasers June 17, 2008
when someone drinks 200 ounces of liquid in one day, holds in the pee, and then pees on a hot girls tittys with so much pee that it looks like a little lake. Then you shit on the piss/titty lake and proceed to fuck the shit out of the girl with your face buried in the lake titicaca
that dude just did a lake titicaca

That is both hot and gross
by poonchasers June 13, 2008
when a girl pisses on your face and then has her period on your face so it sticks
that dude just got a horny tomato from his girlfreind!

by poonchasers June 17, 2008

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