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A jittery camgirl whose constant eye movements, subject changing, and tonal variation gained her the adoration of Youtube, Gaia, and 4chan.
Anon1: Hey have we learned anything new about that Boxxy girl?
Anon2: Hmmm... someone said her real name was Catie. No word on location yet.
Anon1: Long live Operation Valkyrie!!
by AnonymousPajamas January 09, 2009
An adorable high school girl that became an internet sensation in the beginning of 2009 via multiple videos posted on Youtube and other websites. She exudes love and innocence in a unique, charming manner, often bringing joy and happiness to those with a pure heart despite the jaded world we currently live in. The only hope for mankind.
Every time I watch one of Boxxy's videos I feel a warm glow deep inside, it's awesome!
by durok1 October 22, 2009
An unbelievably annoying yet strangely mesmerising cam-girl that has the wierd ability to bring YOUR FUCKING INTERNET TO IT'S FUCKING KNEES.

Boxxy caused so much chaos in early 2009 that 4chan got temporarily shut down, along with the rest of the internet.

Her brief internet life was brought to an end when a group called CBCR (Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction) found her personal details and "accidentally" leaked it all over the web. They then deleted all her videos and replaced them with a blood red warning message saying "Never post another video again"
Anonymous: "YOUZ TROLLIN'"
Boxxy: "I IZ NOT TROLLIN' I am Boxxy you see! :D"
by Zerotrousers June 12, 2009
very annoying, but attractive internet sensation...
her annoying/quirky nature inadvertantly caused a "war" on massive internet chatroom thing site 4chan early in the year, that caused the site to close for some time
Boxxy-ok, hi, so my name is Boxxy

guy 1-hey did you here about that Boxxy chick on youtube and stuff?
guy 2-yeah i did, thing is i can't decide if i like her or hate her...

guy 1-you know what, with this boxxy girl on gaiaonline and youtube, its a good thing there isn't a massive website where people can discuss if she's annoying or not...
guy 2-i know, right? there'd probably be some massive internet war...

someone random-you iz trolling
Boxxy-i am not trolling!!! i am Boxxy you see?
by Bristle3 August 21, 2009
The Queen, Ruler of the earth, heavenly power, Divine might etc.
Nick: oh noez i miss boxxy :(
Charles: *Shoots nick in the head* ohwell you get to see her in heaven now.
by nickbabez September 30, 2010
A character played by YouTube celebrity Catie Wayne. She is a hyperactive, perky girl who makes videos for people, mostly friends. Her visual trademarks are heavy eyeliner, scene-like hair, and a dark background. Her signature greeting is, "Okay, hi. My name is Boxxy." In early 2009, her videos were posted onto 4chan, which started a war, causing the website to shut down for a few hours. Her channel (boxxybabee) was hacked and her real name was exposed, causing her to leave the internet until returning in 2011.
Boxxy is the queen of /b/.
by LizzieBabes419 September 21, 2013
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