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A hyperactive young girl with a ton of eyeliner. Shes popular in 4chan, youtube, and Gaia. A 'war' started over Boxxy on the /b/ channel of 4chan, spurring Operation Valkyrie. She has fans that worship her and anti-Boxxy's that want to murder her.
There are also fake wanna-be Boxxy's, careful not to be fooled.
Also, ladies, your boyfriend wants to bang her.
Boxxy: Drugs are bad, I don't do drugs. No no no.
User1: I would divorce my wife for you.
User2: Your house needs to set fire and you need to dieee!!!
User3: Omg <3 I love you Boxxy! Make a video for me?!?
User4: User1 your gross! I guess if you like screwing 13 year olds...
ect ect.
by Borderline January 31, 2009

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