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1 definition by Bristle3

very annoying, but attractive internet sensation...
her annoying/quirky nature inadvertantly caused a "war" on massive internet chatroom thing site 4chan early in the year, that caused the site to close for some time
Boxxy-ok, hi, so my name is Boxxy

guy 1-hey did you here about that Boxxy chick on youtube and stuff?
guy 2-yeah i did, thing is i can't decide if i like her or hate her...

guy 1-you know what, with this boxxy girl on gaiaonline and youtube, its a good thing there isn't a massive website where people can discuss if she's annoying or not...
guy 2-i know, right? there'd probably be some massive internet war...

someone random-you iz trolling
Boxxy-i am not trolling!!! i am Boxxy you see?
by Bristle3 August 21, 2009
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