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when a man's penus is filled with blood due to sexual arousal.

Often annoying or embarrasing in public, and is tried to be hidden (usually tucked up in the waistband of pants/underwear)

*frequent to young boys and teens in puberty
Jacob was in wonder aas Melissa walked by him to the board in class one day. He stared at her perfect ass as it went by. Before he knew it he had a boner. A big fat erection.

He tried to push is down but his head rubbed against the soft material of his plaid hollister boxers but that just stimulated it even more. He had to unbutton his pants to let it breath a little. Now he can't help but to start stroking it. It felt so good.

As Melissa walked back to her seat next to Jacob she notices his big boner. She always had a crush on him and now she decided to make her move. She reached over and started to furiously rub her hand up and down on his already hard dick. He moaned wit pleasure.

Jacob couldn't hold it in anymore and he finally let go and a hot sticky stream of jizz released all over his pants and boxers. It was the best class f his life.
by boxerboy02 December 31, 2009
loose fitting underwear to the theigh.
the best undererwear...
In class while watching the pubery movie tyler looked over to the girl he liked sitting next to him. he was nervous when he found his dick getting hard. it felt so good. he decided to reach his hand down and shif the boner to be less noticable but all that did was stimulate it when the head of his dick rubbed the fabric. He groaned quietly with pleasure. the girl next to him saw this. she secret;ey liked him to so she reaed her hand over and unbuttoned his pants. she whispered to him to stay quiet while she reacher her hand inside his plaid boxers and grabbed his dick. she rubbed so hard and he was loving is so much we couldn't hold it in and he laned back closed his eyes and let out a stream of hot stickey jizz all over. it felt so good. it was the best handjob of tylers life.
by boxerboy02 October 19, 2009

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