individual who gets botox
a botard is a person who injects botox into their face, rendering them botarded.
by charlchard July 03, 2010
Another word for retard that older siblings call there younger siblings.Another way to say botard is gotard wich you say when someone is a botard on the road!
some3:No you guys are gotards!!!!
Some1 and some2:no were not on the road botard
Some1:looks like we know who the botard here is
by Paris Qwert August 12, 2009
An word used strictly by homosexuals and/or tools, to take the place of the word "retard."
Mainly used as an insult when a gay person has run out of things to say about a straight person, therefore they result to using "Botard."
"Ugh! You're such a. such a.. BOTARD! Im just going to go up to my room and paint homo things and be gay and what not..."
by Ryan Da Pussy November 08, 2011
an academically-challenged individual of sub-marginal intelligence; a retarded person; a retard
John slammed his pecker in the door...what a fuckin' botard, man!
by weave March 27, 2003
One who can't fit into his school or make any friends because he is enrolled in the B.O.C.E.S. program (Board Of Cooperative Educational Services) and is denied the rights that all the other students have. B.O.C.E.S. controls all aspects of its students' lives (within the school day) just like a Nazi fascist regime. It is a combination of B.O.C.E.S. and retard.
I'm not allowed to stay after school for the class meeting, I have to go home at 2:30 because I'm a botard.
by GuidoPosse69 February 02, 2005
World of Warcraft word. adjective.

(1) good player that has the worst of luck
(2) seemlingly has all the aggro but does nothing to gain it
(3) dies unknowingly and unexpectedly while everyone laffs out loud
(plural) describes more than one

Botarded. adj.
(1) stupid wipe during an instance
(2) unsuspected wipe or death while there was no aggro

Botardation. adj.
(1) a state of being of complete incomprehensible wipes that is gonna cost a bundle in repairs with a group that has gone all wrong. Typically occurs in a PUG
The priest was a botard on that last pull, the tank had all the aggro but he was the only one to die.
by brett savage February 21, 2008
Losers who are to stupid to pass regular classes, hense the -tard part, so they go to B.O.C.E.S, hense the -bo part. Most of them are stoners and dont deserve to live.
Dude, you're going to B.O.C.E.S? you must be a botard!
by Botard hater August 02, 2005

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