a girl, or boy, who is totally dumb about boys
You're such a botard if you think he likes you.
by Tiandrea November 03, 2007
Bode Miller, or resembling the actions of Bode Miller.

I could not have failed more miserably in my attempts to succeed in the Olympic downhill events. I am a complete botard.

The botard's lack of focus resulted in poor performance.

I stupid. I are a botard.

by Pmyche March 01, 2006
A female beyond the realm of ugliness who thinks massive amounts of Botox and/or surgery will improve her looks.
Paris Hilton is such a botard.
by Zogmister November 16, 2006
A cross between the words "beyond" and "retarded".

Botard is meant to be used as a noun only. Never an adjective!
Correct Use: I cannot believe he did that! He is such a botard

Incorrect Use: He did what? He is so botarded!

by Sandy, Mel and Jake May 11, 2006
(bow'-tahrd) contr. 1. A person who is on the borderline of being retarded, i.e. bo(rderline) (re)tard.
Anti-Fascism on Monster.com's VENT board is a real botard, but then again so are most of the others there.
by reorg September 04, 2003
a very strange screwed up person who sucks at everything in life
You can't do anything right you botard.
by dfsauilghdsafujk October 15, 2003
retard with a bonor.
by kels3118 February 25, 2003

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